CRE8IOT is an IOT Ecosystem Development and Delivery company. We build IOT ecosystem of connected things that includes communication, application, data and analytics.

We understand that the actual value of IoT is not just in connecting things to the Internet and make them smart. The value creation in IOT arises out of the data that is sent to the cloud and the transformation of the data into information that can be analyzed to perform actions that add value in a business context.

It is headquartered in Malaysia, with offices in India and Singapore. Our IOT solutions is built from a successful use case that supports complete delivery, support and innovation for that specific IOT solution such as Vision base Parking Solution.


Research and Development

We identify which vertical that can benefit from the use of Internet of Things solutions, with more than 20 years experience in remote monitoring, we have a vast network of suppliers, developer whom we can use to build innovative IOT Eco-System.

Control Testing

Once we identify the ecosystem that has potential and solution is available we continue to build Proof Of Concept test case to fine tune the Eco-System, this can be fine tuning device level, application level or total solution level.


We then make this Eco System a commercially deployable solution and work with selected system integrators to deploy this Eco System into target market.

Our Process

1) Selecting the right sensor

We will choose the right sensor that will work for that specific segments based on the use case requirements.              

2) Selecting the right connectivity

Every IOT use case requires the right connectivity for it to work. We support LPWAN technology (SigFox, LoRaWAN, NB-IOT), Bluetooth, Wifi and 3G/4G/5G. Based on target market needs for now and in the evolving future, we will choose the best options.

3) Identifying the right application software

IOT solutions require a complex application that will collect the data from the sensor, manage the data, and produce analytical details for stakeholders. We have multiple resource in developing, customizing this application software to meet the target market needs.

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4) Commercially Viable Business Unit

Once our use case is implemented successfully we can then move forward to make the solution available for stakeholders to invest and implement it in their business.


5) Continue Innovation

The next step after this is moving forward with technological advancement to improve and continually innovate that particular IOT Eco-System.


Vision Base Parking Solution

Our vision base parking solution will provide parking operator and technical owner the next generation in technical parking and parking fee payment. Using Vision Processing, E-Wallet and Smart Bay Sensors we provide total one-stop solution addressing many pain points.


IOT solution in Water Industry can help conserve this valuable resources. Typically used in pumping station, water storage reservoir, and water distribution networks for monitoring, data logging and alerting function.


We can use connected devices to monitor patients health. IOT changes the way the facilities is used by improving the product. For example, reducing emergency room wait time, enhancing drug management and ensuring the availability of critical hardware.

Waste Collection

IOT Waste Collection monitor trash bin level by connecting each bin and showing alerts using mobile applications. It is crucial to have effective garbage collection system for successful implementation of Smart City Project.


IOT solution in Wastewater Industry can help with temperature changes, water leakage, chemical leakage and pressure level. Typically used in pumping station, treatment plant and sewage network for monitoring, data logging and alerting function.


IOT solution in Agriculture Industry can help to improve crop yield, crop quality and fish health. Typically used in greenhouse, irrigation and fish ponds for monitoring, data-logging and alerting. Mostly used as part of a remote management system.



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